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Outsourcing your medical billing gives you the addition of a staff of highly trained billing specialists. Our staff is solely dedicated to the follow up and collections of your claims. They are dedicated to improving your practice from front-end information collections all the way to the payment of the claim. Insurance companies are called on a continuous basis. What could be better?

Reports are generated each month that detail that month’s billing and collections as well as year to date.

Medstar/PRS maintains the most up to date information available regarding regulations, documentation, procedures and requirements. Government payors email us directly each day any and all new regulations and policies.

  • 100% HIPAA compliant
  • More time for patient care
  • Good business sense
  • AR management
  • Reduce administrative headaches
  • Unburden your staff
  • Free up your times for patient care
  • No $ left behind

Medstar/PRS helps practitioners save time and increase profitability by reducing expenses and increasing revenues. Increases the bottom line. Outsource your billing, accounts receivables and collection processes.

We offer:

  • Patient demographic data entry
  • Scheduling software
  • Diagnostic coding
  • Trustworthy
  • Compliant
  • Knowledgeable
  • Reputable

MedStar has been in business over 20 years:

  • Member of HBMA
  • Electronically process and submit claims
  • Specialist in NYS Workman’s Compensation and No-Fault (MVA) billings]
  • No start up fee
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Receivable management system

Our fees are extremely competitive:

  • Non-binding contracts
  • Our highly trained staff treats your patients courteously and professionally
  • Detailed financial reporting
  • Billing to all insurance carriers and private patient statements
  • Payer relations
  • Electronic insurance verifications prior to submissions

Outsourced medical billing greatly reduces practice costs. The typical practice spends over 38% of their collections on their billing functions.

  • No need for billing staff or the space they require.
  • No worries over staff turnover or hiring competent billing staff
  • You will no longer have to invest in costly billing systems and computer equipment
  • Saves the costs of software upgrades
  • All billing expenses are greatly reduced. You do not have to own or maintain a billing system
  • We help in overall business strategies
  • We are an extension of your office
  • All claims processed within 24 hours of receipt of your superbill
  • Every claim is reviewed and scrubbed prior to submission.
  • It is your choice how you would like to send us your superbills:
  • US Mail, Fax, Fex-Ex/UPS, E-mail, Direct file transfer.

At Medstar/PRS our state of the art computer software keeps track of the average number of days it takes an insurance carrier to process a claim. A daily report is generated to follow up on any claims over this time frame. We take the pressure off by handling every aspect of your revenue management. Make more money, faster.

  • Physicians are working harder and longer for less compensation.
  • Physicians can concentrate on patient health and well being.
  • Time and energy once spent on patients are being more and more redirected toward administrative issues.
  • Customize our medical billing services to your practices individual needs.

We are a United States company – not an Offshore provider. Come stop by and visit our facility.

  • Error free electronic claims processing.
  • Main focus of our company is to maximize your reimbursement while minimizing your stress.
  • Excellent client services.

Every claim is scrutinized to ensure maximum reimbursement has been obtained according to the law and guidelines that govern your state.

Every penny counts and every dollar is hard earned.
Medstar/PRS employs certified medical billers and coders to ensure the highest reimbursement is obtained on your claims.

  • Continued education is a key to our success.
  • More efficient and effective then your own office.
  • A complete business solution to your medical billing and practice management needs.
  • Competitive priced – less than the national average
  • Trusted partner.

Maximize your earnings by increasing your efficiency while reducing your expenses.

Our knowledge is the most current through utilizing seminars, courses and the daily updated that we receive from various insurance carriers and government payors.

  • Proud of our staff – team members.
  • Our staff becomes a member of your team.
  • 5010 compliant
  • ICD 10 – on going training sessions to keep our staff trained and knowledgeable

Tacking claims through the claims life cycle – from submission to clearinghouse and then on to the insurance carrier. Dedicated staff whose sole focus is following up on claim to the insurance carriers as well as patient balances.

Nighttime and weekend staff hours to contact patients regarding balances due.

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